Why I love Lent

It may seem strange to "love" a period of time that is about doing without---but for me, it forces me to be quiet, to gather myself, to do a spiritual housecleaning of sorts.

Coming from a different Protestant background, Lent was recognized as a time, but was viewed primarily as "Catholic" and even some of my Protestant friends of other denominations (I've promised I wouldn't crack on Baptists because I was raised Baptist and have good friends who are Baptist, but most of these comments come from Baptists) that Lent was not representative of Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness. That the Bible says NOTHING--about practicing Lent.

They're right. It doesn't.

The Bible also doesn't say anything about celebrating birthdays. Or even having a special Easter service. Or celebrating Christmas by giving gifts to each other (the wise men brought gifts to Jesus, not to each other). But as Christians, we still do it.

So...why do I love Lent?

I typically do not fast. I think it is something that is an individual decision (and health plays a factor), but I am trying to do a bit of "non-solid food" fasting (I have a blood sugar issue that could make complete fasting a bit unwise, and I have never felt "led" to do it.) 

The point here is not about fast / not fast---but the point, at least to me---was that this has shown how I would eat mindlessly. We are blessed to be in a country where food is plentiful. I never really thought about eating or not eating (well, other than what I was going to have). But this makes me realize that I have been eating mindlessly---and how many other things have I been doing mindlessly as well?

So Lent reminds me to stay away from spiritual "mindlessness." That was something I had not realized before.

What are we doing as we wander in spiritual mindlessness?
It is about emptying ourselves of selfishness and automation, and re-centering ourselves in the grace of God.

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