Merry Christmas

Christmas demonstrates we are loved far beyond our capacity to imagine.
We are blessed beyond our capacity to evaluate.

We have so much that we do not deserve.
We are captured by grace and catapulted into eternity---for we were chosen before we had chosen.

Oh Come, oh come, Emmanuel.
Rejoice. Rejoice.

I'm sure this video has been passed around, but I want to share it. It seemed to be worth sharing.

Garrison Keillor on Episcopalians

Okay, that last post seemed to be a bit intense, so I thought I'd just leave a :) with this link to something Garrison Keillor wrote on Episcopalians.

And no--- to quote a concept from an old Seinfeld episode--- I did not convert religious traditions for the jokes. Though I will admit, there are some great Episcopalian jokes out there...and Episcopalians seem to love them.