Lent reflections #1

Lent reminds me not just how easily I go into temptation, but how I often run full-force into it.

Temptation and lust wraps itself so stealthily and skillfully around me that I see why the Bible refers to it as a "lion awaiting someone to devour."

Death always follows sin. We are saved only by His grace. While I like to look down my nose about the childish Israelites who complained incessantly in the wilderness, I wonder really, if I am any different. I look always to what I WANT to do and how the narrow road is such a struggle.

Many times, we wonder what needs to be done, when the issue is really what will be actually DO. Christ is about doing. Reflecting is necessary, but it comes down to doing.

I am always ashamed at how many times I turn my back on is Amazing Grace, and I am always humbled by how his nail-scarred hand pulls me back.

We like to think that we are lost on the current, but the Spirit of God is moving us, ushering us, somewhere, always where we should go.

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