FREE original clip art

My goal is to have a comprehensive selection of FREE original clip art following all the events in the liturgical calendar. These can be used for church newsletters, web pages, etc.  They will range from fairly simple line drawings to detailed sketches.

They are FREE for non-profit or religious use. They are dedicated to the glory of God.

 A link to The Artsy Episcopalian is appreciated, but not required. It is copyrighted, but free for non-profit use.  If you need to cite the source, credit it to The Artsy Episcopalian. Just don't put it on cards and sign your name to it and sell it. Because that's just not cool, dude.

While I am doing this for FREE, I do ask if you find this useful, please consider making a donation to some of my favorite charities and non-profits. Links are below:

The Lung Transplant Foundation

Freedom House, Greensboro, NC

The American School for Women and Children, Toledo, OH

Tiffany Cable Vuncannon Memorial Scholarship at Wake Tech, Raleigh, NC

NEW Christmas Clip Art - 
(posted 11-27-12)

Just click on the clip art and it should take you to another window where the artwork is larger. Then just right click > Save As.

All of these are original clip art created by me using Paper's 53 application. Copyright by The Artsy Episcopalian. Free for non-profit use.

Lion and Lamb