We are not the hero of our story

I was reading John Eldridge's "Epic." With all due respect, I wonder if we truly are the hero of our own story.

I believe the Lord may be calling me to something---but why is it we always like to think that our calls to service to him have to be dramatic, featuring ourselves as the hero. For example, everyone wants to think of themselves as being the next Billy Graham or Desmond Tutu, but what if God is just calling you  to serve as athe Sunday School teacher for a bunch of ADHD three year olds in Podunk, Texas?

I think that's my issue. I believe God is calling me to do something, and I want to believe it is sooooooo important. Like God can't get this done without me. Like I am going to be the next Flannery O' Connor who turns the world upside down wtih her fiction that is heavily watered in Jeuss themes.

The truth is: God doesn't need us at all. He doesn't need anything. He is God. However, he CHOOSES to use us. This is a privilege; we cannot pick and choose that we are only going to serve God if we get accolades, or if we do something dramatic  like move to Japan or something.

Come thou long-expected Jesus.
I am such a sinner, and His holiness is so great.

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